Balancing Reactions

Below are tutorial movies for learning how to correctly balance chemical reactions, and a link at the bottom of the page for learning how to do mathematical stoichiometry calculations.

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Part 1 - Rules for Balancing Reactions

Balancing the Oxidation of Magnesium Metal

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Part 2 - Balancing the Decomposition of Dihydrogen Peroxide
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Part 3 - Balancing the Complete Combustion of Methane
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Part 4 - Balancing the Oxidation of Iron Metal
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Part 5 - Balancing the Submarine Reaction
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Part 6 - Balancing Additional Double Displacement Reactions
image/balancing7.jpg, 0 bytes

Part 7 - Balancing more Double Displacement Reactions
image/balancing8.jpg, 0 bytes

Part 8 - Balancing Acid-Base Neutralization
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Part 9 - Balancing Acid with Carbonates & Bicarbonates
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Part 10 - Limiting Reagent

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