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Mt. Laguna - San Diego County

  • Mount Laguna, California (91948) 32.89N 116.42W at about 5991 feet
  • Mt. Laguna Mountain Lodge Weather Conditions (click here)
  • Mt. Laguna Mountain Lodge Webcam (click here)
  • Mt. Laguna Webcam (click here)

Cuyamac - San Diego County

  • Cuyamaca, California (92036) Elev: 6512 ft. 32°56′48″N 116°36′23″W? / ?32.9467149°N 116.6064084°W
  • Cuyamaca Webcam (click here)
    • The webcam is at the 3,400' level and Mt. Cuyamaca rises to 6512'. 
      The photo updates every 10 minutes from dawn to dusk.

Julian - San Diego County


Pinezanita RV Park & Campgrounds, Julian Elevation 4720 ft - San Diego County


Descanso - San Diego County

  • MAP QUEST (click here)
  • Descanso California & B&H Ranch/Sherilton Valley Current Weather Conditions (click here)
  • Cuyamaca Mountain (6512') (click here)
  • Descanso (3500')

Mt. Palomar - San Diego County

  • High Point , 33.36N 116.84W at about 6180 feet Webcam (click here)
  • Mt. Palomar Webcam (click here)
  • Mt. Palomar - Backyard Webcam in backyard (click here)

Santa Rosa Mountain - San Diego County (click here)

  • Toro Peak Webcam - 33.52N 116.43W at about 8800 feet (click here)
  • Santa Rosa Mountain Truck Trail (click here)

Sky Oaks - San Diego County


Mountain Webcams around San Diego (click here)


Mammoth Mountain (click here)


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