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Art History



Denise Rogers, Ph.D.
Professor, Art History
Office: G247
Phone: 619 388-2371
email: derogers@sdccd.edu

Office Hours:

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Courses Resources
Art 100: Art Orientation Balboa Park Free Days
Art 107: Contemporary Art (Fall 2016)
Mesa College Library Art Research Guide
Art 108: Women in Art (Fall 2016) Art History Organizations
Art 109: Modern Art (Fall 2016) Extra Credit Events
Art 110: Prehistoric to Gothic (Fall 2016) Careers in Art History
Art 111: Renaissance to Modern HOW TO WRITE AN ART PAPER (example page)
Art 113: African, Oceanic, Native North American Art (Fall 2016)  
Art 115: African Art  
Art 120: Native American Art  
Art 125: Arts of the Asian Continent  
Art 130: PreColumbian Art  
BLAS 110: African-American Art  














Background images: Giorgione Sleeping Venus; Raphael School of Athena; Donatello David; Michelangelo Pieta; Rembrandt Self-Portrait; David Oath of the Horatii; Monet Four Trees