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Foothills & Mnts.

Coastal Plains

Rocky Shores

The Bay

Freshwater Systems

Coastal Strand



Note: for those wanting to print the images I recommend an excellent freeware image-viewer called IrfanView (Windows only). You can download it from here (at ZDNet).

To print pictures to fit on a page with IrfanView:

  • save each picture by right clicking on each and choose the save image function. (I recommend putting them all into their own directory, grouping them by lab),
  • load an image into IrfanView,
  • choose Print (shift-p),
  • click on Print button of window,
  • then under "Print Size" of the IrfanView Print screen select "Best Fit to Page" (or whatever you think will look best - there is a print preview on that window that'll give you a good idea of how it will look), >>then print away.

To sum up: 1) load the image, 2) print, and 3) adjust the image print size on the last print screen.

Updated 2/9/04 by Leslie Seiger.