The Mesa College Vocal Ensemble is an auditioned choir of twenty-five singers. The choir performs several concerts each semester as well as participates in choral festivals throughout the state.

A wide variety of music is performed, from madrigals to vocal/orchestra works, in a range of styles including classical, folk and jazz. The ensemble has toured Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan and throughout California. Mesa College compliments its choral offering with voice classes, Beginning to Advanced.

Class meets TWR 2:20pm-3:45pm

(until 4pm on TH.)

Auditions for Fall 2016 begin on Tuesday,August 23, 2:20PM in C116. Part I: An individual audition to demonstrate your vocal quality, pitch-matching and music reading skills. 

Part II: A group audition for which singers rehearse a piece, then sing it in quartets to determine your skill of singing a given vocal line when another vocal part is being sung. 

If you need additional information or would like to schedule Part I before classes begin, contact Dr. Richard Chagnon:

Photos from Tours to Boston, NY, CT, 2014;
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Photos from 
Tour to Sacramento, SF, 2016Tour_to_Sac.,_SF,_2016.html