Bohr's Model for the Atom

Below are tutorials for learning how to correctly draw Bohr's Model for the first 20 elements.

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Handouts & Review Material

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Part 1 - Rows and Groups
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Part 2 - Maximum Number of Electrons per shell
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Part 3 - Predicting correct Bohr's Models
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Part 4 - The importance of group number & valence electrons
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Part 5 - Drawing Electron Dot Structure for valence electrons
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Part 6 - Electron Filling a Modern View

Part 7 - Burning Pickle Demo by Dr.Gergens

Part 8 - Bohr versus Schrodinger

Classical versus Wave Mechanical - Quantum Mechanical Theory

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1) Oct 7 is Niels Bohr Birthday. Who was Niels Bohr and when and why did he receive the Nobel Prize in Physics? (shamefully our Chem100 textbook does not mention his name or his Nobel Prize winning model for hydrogen)

2) Describe the accuracy and precision of the information being shown in this image? (click here to enlarge)

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Bohr versus Schrodinger

  • Wave Mechanical - Quantum Mechanical Theory (click here)


Optional FUN:

  • Richard Rhodes Pulitzer Prize winning novel "The Make of an Atomic Bomb" (google books) about the author (click here). The book can be checked out of our library.

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